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I’ve been confronted many times, confronted by myself, confronted by others. Maybe even more by myself than others. It was my personal demon attacking me, my subconscious not giving me peace. Others just couldn’t get it and they still can’t. Before you start asking yourself ‘what the hell is he about?’ let me clarify. I’m talking about being by yourself. Alone, lost, not talking with another human being for at least 2 or 3 days. Some will say ‘that’s not normal’ and others will say, 2-3 days!? I can do it for months’.

I was both blessed and cursed to experience both sides of the story. I know some people who could spend days alone; and I was judging them. But was it me judging them or was it my insecurities judging them? Was I falling in the trap of society? Society that is so ready to judge anything different from the mainstream.

A few years later I went for a 3 day surf trip, completely by myself. The plan was to sleep in the car, be very mobile and surf as much as I can. This wasn’t my first trip of this kind, I had done it many times before. But it was different this time. It crossed into routine. I felt great, everything was in its place. So it made me wonder: why do I feel so good this time? I slept excellent on an uncomfortable car seat, surfed well, read around 200 pages from 3 books…

So I came to the conclusion that you can be by yourself only if you’re super happy with yourself. Because when you’re by yourself you’re the only thing you’ve got! Your mind takes control; TV, friends, boss and everything else is not here to shut you up. Your deepest mind becomes your boss. So if you and your deepest mind are not best friends you have problems, big problems! It made me realise how special the people are who can spend days without talking to another human. It is a skill so valuable that it’s hard to describe.

Always looking for something or someone to fill in the gaps is hard. It stops us in being creative, it stops us in fulfilling our full potential. ‘I’ll do it if you do it with me’ is probably one of the greatest adventure killers in the world. ‘I’ll go if 4 of us will go’. Then 2 can’t go and the idea dies. Pathetic.

Soloing around saved my life, literally. If I wasn’t soloing around I would have never seen the Andes, surf as I surf now, experienced Morocco the way I’ve experienced it, climbed Cradle Mountain in Tasmania or discovered incredible places in South Australia. These were valuable lessons that taught me one thing that drives me hard today: if you want something done, the fastest way to do it is by doing it yourself.

Art of Loneliness I’ve been confronted many times, confronted by myself, confronted by others. Maybe even more by myself than others.

Have a great laugh with Alaskan lifestyle

Living remote

Me and my wife are big fans of legendary TV series Northern Exposure. Characters are funny, story is amazing and drama is always around the corner. Having watched all the seasons few times made me connect with the story even more. It is actually very surprising how you take different lessons while watching it in different stages of your life. One scene especially resonated with me.


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My biggest problem is that most people I meet are people who don’t read. And a planner who doesn’t read is sort of an oxymoron. Some people come and say that they learn from life! You don’t learn from life. You learn from someone who has written a book and they have learnt from life. You don’t have the capacity or the capability yet. Most of the people say that ‘I watch movies and I spend time outdoor’, which basically means ‘I like getting drunk’.

So basically, if you don’t like this discipline of reading, you have no business being in planning. If you want interesting solutions then you need to be interesting to start off with. You need to develop interests. And academically, you need to have knowledge of basic natural sciences and derivative sciences.

Partha Sinha. Publicis (via peterspear)


Andrea Pirlo - intelligence beats power

Legendary playmaker shines for Italy

Here’s a bit of soccer education; in 2011 AC Milan, one of the greatest clubs in the history of the sport, which is synonym for player loyalty, keeping older players forever and having them play well in their late 30′s, decides to refresh their team with few younger players. Push for this action came from Barbara Berlusconi, Milan’s board member and daughter of controversial Italian…

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Sunrise is the most beautiful time of the day. Sweet combination of darkness, silence and rising sun. There is no better time to shoot landscape photos. Variety of colours, freedom of movement, and a waking world in your hands…Birds are singing, surfers are surfing and masses are sleeping. Ocean is breaking loudly, turning its power into a synchronised orchestra. A chilly breeze is tickling your skin and whispers in your ears; ‘wake up my friend, the ocean is yours to play.’

“Yes my dear friend, long time no see”. “Thank you for keeping that fire alive”. Sunrise is when everybody’s a friend, when no strangers exist. When two souls meet at the crack of dawn instinct prevails and they have to greet each other. They are there with the same purpose – fulfilment. No humans will wander around for no reason this early. The ones that do are on the hunt! Hunting for satisfaction, pleasure and solitude. They want to be alone with the magic world on their shoulders. It’s hard to imagine how many great things were invented at dawn, how many marriage proposals happened and how many new lives were conceived.

Don’t be afraid of darkness, don’t believe that you can’t do it. The world is our home and we feel natural in it. Nature will look after you, have a walk somewhere before the sunrise and the result might be life changing. If you don’t try you’ll never find out.

Sunrise is when magic happens, check these awesome images to brighten up your day :-) Sunrise is the most beautiful time of the day. Sweet combination of darkness, silence and rising sun.

Ok, today I decided to do something unimaginable; I decided to take photos while the surf was pumping. I must admit that it takes enormous amount of patience to do such thing. Watching waves break and others surf is not an easy task. Oh well, at least I got the shots, I can’t complain. I did notice one thing; taking photos while others are surfing makes you read the ocean much better. I could clearly see how many waves are coming in a set, how well are they hitting point/bank and what’s the best takeoff zone. Obviously I didn’t discover anything revolutionary as it is common sense that watching something for some time will give you better perspective of things. That was not the case with me up until now as I would just rush straight from the car into the water!

The ocean is a wild beast! You never know how’s it going to behave. Bigger sets were breaking wide off the point, smaller sets were breaking right on the bank next to it. There was a huge rip running in between which provided awesome paddle out. It was as fast as a river and I barely had to paddle to get out. Things weren’t as simple once I paddled out. Bigger sets were way inconsistent and I hate sitting somewhere where I have to wait 1/2 hour to get a wave so I opted for the small inside right. This though, got me in a position to get at least 10 bigger waves straight on my head during my session. Constant diving, fighting the rip and getting rolled few times upside down inside barrels can drive a man insane! As always, I paddled around in circles looking for that perfect takeoff spot which was really hard to find. When I finally did manage to find it I snagged a couple and that put a smile on face. Oh yeah, it’s worth it.

This made me more relaxed as it usually does. Back to the channel and be pushed out again. As soon as I got out biggest set of the day came through and cleaned me completely. When these bigger sets come through there’s only one thing you can do; get your strength to 120% and dive like a maniac. Also hope for 3 or 4 wave set as rarely anybody has energy for 10+. So that’s what I did, dove hard and got through. It was actually easier than I thought but I had to pay the price afterwards as I completely misjudged one of the takeoffs. The lip picked me up and demolished me straight down onto my board. Not pleasant at all. That was the tipping point and I decided to call it a day.

As I was climbing back up towards the car park I turned around to check the wave one more time. Timing was perfect, one of the guys was just going for one. He pumped from the bottom straight into the lip, stayed high and then continued with the massive roundhouse back down into the pocket, got speed again and then straight vertical into the wave 360! He was throwing so much spray and his board looked insane. His timing on the wave was perfect. A lot to learn is what started buzzing through my head…

Choose your lifestyle! Surfing sessions that inspire Ok, today I decided to do something unimaginable; I decided to take photos while the surf was pumping.

The Beckoning Silence by Joe Simpson

The Beckoning Silence by Joe Simpson


Ever watched documentary ‘The Beckoning Silence’ by Joe Simpson? This remarkable movie tells the story about one of Europe’s greatest mountain peaks; the Eiger. North face of Eiger was the latest unconquered mountain peak in 1930s. In 1936 a group of mountaineers led by Toni Kurz set out to summit Eiger via its notorious north face. Toni Kurz was a brilliant young mountaineer and optimism was…

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Weather through the eyes of a surfer

What’s in the #surfer’s mind when the new #swell is on its way, #surfing…

Australia surf

New swell arriving next weekend, Australia’s southern shores might get very big.

Weather is difficult, unreliable, invisible force that affects everyone; force that sets moods and breaks routines. It is nature’s tool to set things right and show who’s the boss! Reading weather is a skill that’s being learnt through generations and only few have really mastered it. And those few come from the…

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Man walking to Mexico from Arizona with his donkey and 2 dogs

#Onfoot from #Arizona to #Mexico and further with the donkey, lets give’em some publicity

Not that long ago I stumbled upon an article about a guy who decided to walk from Prescott, Arizona to Mexico. It is probably around 280 miles/480 km. First I have to say that I’ve never been in that area so you can’t rely on me for the distances but I trust Google, isn’t that what’re all doing these days anyway? To cut the story short, his name is Thomas Arnold and he decided to take his donkey…

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When fears turn into pleasure

When fears turn into #pleasure, #ultimateexcitement

It’s not easy to decide to solo around. You’re leaving friends and family so the whole process can be quite awkward sometimes, especially when you tell them that you were in this super scary situation. They think: ‘What the hell were you thinking?’ What was I thinking? I probably wasn’t, my instinct was. It is my instinct that commands me to do what feels natural.

So, back to my moment of…

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How far do you want to take things?

How far do you want to take things? How much would you step out of your #comfortzone

How far are we willing to go to discover new things? Which trigger do we need to step outside of our comfort zones? What is it that fuels us, that gives us strength to discover new things? What is it that makes a ‘doer’ and a ‘watcher’? How come that some people are so keen to do crazy things and test new stuff everyday while some are quite happy not to do anything new?

I find it fascinating, it…

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